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Amos Davidowitz

Amos Davidowitz has decades of experience in non-formal education, international peace and development education and conflict resolution programs.

Amos Davidowitz is currently a senior associate. IWA is devoted to enhancing international cooperation and the peaceful resolution of conflict since 1924.

Amos has directed several international month long seminars on peace education and leadership development in non-formal education for participants from 35 various developing nations.

Amos is the Executive Director of the Association for Progressive Education in honor of Meir Yaari, an NGO that develops multi communal coexistence activities.

Amos Davidowitz has been a leader in several areas of Israeli socio-political activity and non-formal educational program planning and design. He held position as the National Educational Director of the Israeli Scout Federation where he designed several programs to enhance multi-cultural awareness and cooperation between Jewish, Arab, and Druze villages throughout Israel.

Among other areas Amos is interested in the effects of information technologies on society. He designed and implemented several innovative uses of these technologies including the first live internet based political conference in the world.

Amos has served in the IDF in combat command positions since 1977.  He presently serves as a Lt. Colonel.

Currently Amos Davidowitz is also a tour guide.

Amos is married to Lisa and has three children Maya, Ro’i and Ela. He lives on Kibbutz Gezer in central Israel.

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