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Noa's Ark Projects:

I Sea you



I Sea You  is  an on-going international audio/visual project, created by Noa and Gil Dor in collaboration with groundbreaking multi-media artists from around the world,  inspired by the Sea and meant to  touch the mind and move the heart while drawing attention to the grave dangers that face marine life today, with a focus on coral reefs.

I Sea You is part of a broad initiative named Reefs of Hope, created with the goal of achieving UNESCO World Heritage status for the coral reefs of the Northern Red Sea, an ambitious endeavor that would demand regional cooperation between KSA, Egypt, Israel and Jordan. 

Noa and Gil had an opportunity to speak about "I sea you" in the opening night of the World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, and perform one piece from their upcoming musical fantasy.
Above is Noa's speech, and the piece performed by Noa, Gil, and the Morphing Chamber Orchestra with Tim Allhoff.


Lyrics : Noa

music : Noa and Gil Dor

Performing with the Munuin Academy Soloists in Victoria Hall Geneva, at the Patino Foundation Gala.

© Léman Bleu Télévision & RTS-Espace 2 l Switzerland. Patiño Foundation

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