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Noa's Ark Projects:

Noa for the community


“Noa For The Community is a 30-year commitment of Noa and Gil Dor for the community, which includes concerts to raise funds for worthy causes around the world …”

One such example occurred during the COVID epidemic, When Noa and Gil launched a series of home concerts to raise funds for causes around the world:

April 4, 2020, Home Concert for Bergamo Hospital in Italy.


April 22, 2020, Home Concert for Rambam hospital in Israel


May 20, 2020, Home Concert to support Healthcare workers in France


April 25, 2020, Home Concert to support Madrid

Noa is also dedicated to various social causes such as bridging the gaps between Israelis and Palestinians, working with war veterans with PTSD, supporting women and children who experienced domestic violence, children with cancer, immigrants and asylum seekers and many more. She does workshops for children and students, helps raise money for environmental organizations and sits on the board of an array of organizations working for Tikun Olam (the Hebrew philosophical term for “the fixing of the world”). She is very often the only artist to step up and volunteer for such causes.

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