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Noa's Ark Projects:

Reefs of Hope


Reefs of Hope is the quest for saving the Northern Red Sea by declaring the area as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

i sea you p reefs s.png

Reefs of Hope was conceived by Noa and Prof. Maoz Fine, with the aim of attaining UNESCO Natural World Heritage status for the gulf of Aqaba / northern red sea.

Coral reefs are the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world. in the northern red sea, millions depend on them for their livelihood. They are also a source of immense knowledge that benefits the human race in myriad ways.

The President of Israel,

Isaac Herzog,

with Noa and Prof. Maoz Fine.

Asst. US Secretary of State

Monica Medina

Scientists predict that by 2050 we will have lost 85% of the world's coral reefs. However, according to Prof. Fine’s research, the rare and beautiful reefs of the northern red sea  exhibit a unique resilience to global warming, which may hold the key to preserving the Earth’s corals as ocean temperatures continue to warm.

Noa meets the pope , Francis, and tells him about Reefs of Hope.

Noa meets the pope , Francis, and tells him about Reefs of Hope.

Unfortunately, the future of this region is under threat from both a changing climate and other human-induced environmental damage, resulting in a growing need to protect these unparalleled landward and marine areas. Further, since attaining UNESCO NWH status in the region requires joint application by Egypt, KSA, Jordan and Israel, the project presents an opportunity for climate diplomacy and collaboration that can serve as a beacon for the entire world. In this context, Noa and Prof. Fine with a combination of “heart and head”, have reached the unreachable, drawing in UNESCO, world leaders, the scientific community and even the Vatican. Noa is in the process of creating a groundbreaking artistic project dedicated to the sea - “I Sea You”.

Participants of Conference on Reefs of northern red sea, organized by Frontiers, initiated by Noa and Maoz

Fabrice Aidan,
formerly of  UNESCO

Noa and Maoz at Cop27 Sharm,

with Israeli Ambassador to Egypt, Amira Oron

Noa snorkeling

with the American Ambassador

Tom Nides

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